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Compliance requirements don’t have to bog you down if you choose a partner who understands. And at Transech, we’re here for you.

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Security Auditing

To secure the connections among people, processes, data, and things, security needs to be as pervasive as the Internet of Everything (IoE). Transech can help you identify opportunities to align security to business imperatives, create competitive advantage, and capture business value from emerging technologies.


Network Auditing and Documentation

Transech works with you to close the gaps and put the management structure in place so network audits can be done on an ongoing basis. So whether you trust one critical, industry-specific bundle to us, or your entire IT/compliance strategy, your assets are covered


HIPAA Auditing

Digitization brings a world of possibilities to healthcare, including better patient experiences and more efficient operations. To take advantage of the opportunities, healthcare organizations must address security and regulatory requirements to mitigate risk. Transech can help healthcare organizations keep their patients, facilities, data, and devices safe, sound, and secure.

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